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Rush Telegraph 71 - Extra Special Telegraph Edition

Rush Telegraph 71

Rush Telegraph 71 is available to download as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

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Page Contents PDF's
Page 1 Something For Everyone! Good news, popular 5% value added bonus include all items from this list until Jan 2023 241 kb
Page 2 Terms, 2012 Olympic and paralympics 422 kb
Page 3 G.B. Definitive Sets 1880/81 imperial crown - 2017 £ machin 162 kb
Page 4 Queen Victoria Used Line engraved, embossed, surface printed, 1883 lilac and green, 1887 Jubilee 297 kb
Page 5 G.B. High Values 1867 Malt Cross - 1969 £1 312 kb
Page 6 G.B. High Values 1970 10p - 2009 £5, 2017 £5 Sapphire anniversary, 2017 £1 gold 261 kb
Page 7 Latest Arrivals Great Britain, mint Queen Victoria 154 kb
Page 8 Latest Arrivals G.B. used high values, extra special and discount postage 241 kb
Page 9 Latest Arrivals Giant Squirrel accumulation of mint pre-decimals, 1929 p.u.c congress, 1967 machin pre-decimal cylinder blocks of 6, 1993 £10 britannia 406 kb
Page 10 Latest Arrivals Post & go label packs, facsimile presentation packs, 1953 coronation black prints, Royal Mail leather-bound year books, 1997 golden wedding printers proof cover 253 kb
Page 11 Latest Arrivals British post office congress books, stamp format packs, rare Harrison & Sons presentation cards 309 kb
Page 12 Errors and Varieties GB machin undenominated swiss pritning trials, new machin exclusive! 1968 N. Ireland 4d, Somaliland overprint 368 kb
Page 13 Errors and Varieties 1880 brown colour change, 2011 magical realms, 1918 war tax overprints, 2012 olympics phosphor omitted, coil pane of 6 274 kb
Page 14 Errors and Varieties 1911 German printers sample, famous Edward VII trails, 1930s ancient bearded Briton, 1869 original Thomas De La Rue 300 kb
Page 15 Decimal Stitched and Window Booklets QEII stitched booklets, N.V.I editions, penny black anniversary 390 kb
Page 16 Decimal Stitched and Window Booklets Booklets 2001 onwards, GB imperf, other price lists 250 kb
Page 17 Decimal Stitched and Window Booklets Limited edition exhibition overprinted, 2014 classic locomotives 2nd issue, limited edition PSB booklets, emerald replica golden eagle's egg 188 kb
Page 18 Latest Arrivals 1854 2d blue - 1973 royal wedding 149 kb
Page 19 Latest Arrivals 1973 machin 1p - 2017 88th Scottish congress heraldic beasts strip, Harry Potter, classic album covers 183 kb
Page 20 G.B. Exhibition Souvenir Sheets 1937 London stamp exhibition - 1972 Philatex 296 kb
Page 21 G.B. Exhibition Souvenir Sheets 1972 London Showpex - 1981 BPE exhibition 311 kb
Page 22 G.B. Exhibition Souvenir Sheets 1981 Stampex - stamp show 2000 286 kb
Page 23 Latest Arrivals Albania - Germany 303 kb
Page 24 Latest Arrivals Grenada - St. Kitts-Nevis 255 kb
Page 25 Latest Arrivals St. Helena - Zimbabwe, Farkland Island, corrections and amendments 318 kb
Page 26 Ireland Books (1966-2012) 1966 2/6 red - 2012 €4.40 contemporary art/dance, 1918 mini war tax collection, very scarce genuine Irish four leaf clover 187 kb
Page 27 Bargin Basement Australia - Germany allied occupation 354 kb
Page 28 Bargin Basement Germany - portugal, Royalty collections 297 kb
Page 29 Bargin Basement Royalty collections cont..., SG X842 machin, cylinder blocks of 6 550 kb
Page 30 G.B. Miniature Sheets 1978 buildings - 2012 Diamond Jubilee 273 kb
Page 31 G.B. Miniature Sheets Locomotives of Scotland - 2021 Christmas 236 kb
Page 32 Something for the Weekend ow with 25% bonus added value in every lot, all lots now UK postpaid 399 kb
  G.B. Mint Decimal stamps accepted at 50% face value (No Postage Dues) as payment or part payment against your order.  

All items are subject unsold. E&OE

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